PETA got back to their "Meat Is Murder" basics earlier this week, wrapping up their members in cellophane, drenching them in fake blood, and letting them bake in the summer sun in Times Square. The organization blogged about the event, saying their mission was to get across that "all meat comes from somebody. And when you show human bodies in those neatly plastic-wrapped supermarket packages, the point hits home and it begins to look like a grisly scene from Dexter." (Speaking of Dexter, this new season is going to be intense.)

Would you Go Veg after stumbling upon this scene? If not, the organization says that according to a new study, the more meat people eat, the more weight they gain over time—and chicken is allegedly the big culprit. So maybe that'll put the fear in you! They say, "researchers found that the people who were most likely to gain weight were also those who ate the most chicken, followed by processed meats and red meat. For every additional 8.8 ounces of meat that people ate daily, they packed on about four and a half extra pounds over five years." And then no one wanted to see their naked bodies wrapped in cellophane.