Pictured: screenshots from PETA's Sea Kitten site.

Hey pescatarians (that means you too, "vegetarians" who eat fish), you are officially on PETA's radar. Newsday is reporting that "in attempt to pressure consumers with guilt, the group wants fish to be rebranded as 'sea kittens'." They've launched a website and set up a fact sheet about sea kittens, saying they feel pain and affection.

Tara the Tuna and Tony the Trout are two characters who show up in children's stories on the site, leading some to wonder if the organization is "targeting the emotions of impressionable youngsters." You can even create your own Sea Kitten, and for the adults who may like to catch their own delicious Tony the Trout—there's a PETA site for you, too, called Fishing Hurts. Recently, the organization freed a 140-year-old lobster from a retirement at City Crab and Seafood.