2006_08_bunny.jpgIf anything was proven during yesterday's Queens pet store fire in Woodhaven, it's that neighbors can really help out. The Post looks at the fire: Firefighters extracted about 150 pets from the store while neighbors housed them and/or drove them to animal hospitals. The daughter of the owner of Bob's Tropical Pet Store said, "We thought everything perished. When we got here at 3 a.m., there were people out here saying, 'We have the animals.' It was unbelievable." A few birds, some fish, a kitten and a puppy died from smoke inhalation, but all told, most of the animals were saved. The only downside may be that rescuers may not give back the pets! The fire departments thinks an electrical short in the window display caused the fire.

And Newsday has very sweet pictures of firefighters and neighbors trying to save the animals.