Pest control company d-CON has released the results of their recent survey—which polled 200 New Yorkers on pest problems—and if their results are to be believed, well then the ratdemic is upon us, friends. The Daily News breaks down their findings, noting that Harlem takes the top spot for the most rat-filled neighborhood, or rat-friendly, if you want to put a positive spin on it.

However, this just means that 24% of the people polled think that Harlem has the most rats. Did the President of Bed Bug Nation commission this study? The headline for the Daily News Article reads, "Forget Bedbugs—Rats Still Haunt Most New York Dreams." Seems like someone is trying to take the heat off bed bugs—just take a look at these outrageous quotes about the rat "problem" from the article:

  • "Residents say it sometimes feels like the persistent pests are lurking around every corner."
  • "I've seen people standing on cars screaming. They come out of the basement and run all over the streets."
  • "It's a pandemic."

Are New Yorkers really more scared of rats than bed bugs? And has everyone forgotten about roaches? One local told the tabloid, "If you keep your home clean, you won't have any rats to deal with." You know what pest that isn't true with? Bed bugs!