You know what's great about being a teacher? Options. For instance, if you're fired by the Department of Education after accused of sleeping with a 13-year-old student and coaxing another student into sending you nude photos, you can still get a job at Touro College teaching parenting skills. Which is what alleged pervy teacher Wayne Bartley reportedly did.

After all that drama with the DOE, Wayne Bartley reportedly got a job as an adjunct professor at Touro Community College teaching "Foundations of Parenting" on Sunday. However, he has now been suspended pending an investigation of "possible violations of Touro College's code of conduct," according to the Daily News. Bartley allegedly had a 14-month long affair with a Bronx student starting when she was 13, and he convinced a 13-year-old Brooklyn student of sending him photos of her naked body and her feet. He claims he never had sex with a student, but got the racy photos unprovoked. "Students always tend to have crushes on male teachers," he said. "Fifth-graders, sixth-graders, they're very unstable."

Bartley possibly hinted at his alleged prior misdeeds during a class assignment last week, when he talked "about how kids' misconstrue things that they see." One student said, "He proclaims himself to be this model parent and individual," and said he was shocked to learn of the investigation. It's unclear if he every taught aspiring parents about the joys of feet.