Person Struck And Killed By LIRR Train At Queens Village Station

A man, who may have been an LIRR employee, was hit and killed by an LIRR train this morning at the Queens Village stop, according to both the FDNY and NYPD.

An FDNY spokesperson told Gothamist that a call came in at about 10:19 of a person who was hit by a train at the station. First responders determined it was a man, who was pronounced dead at the scene, but the department had no further information. The NYPD also told Gothamist that the person struck by the train was an unidentified man.

The LIRR tweeted that westbound trains are skipping the Hollis Station stop, and the railroad's Twitter account is providing a running update of train delays.

Kimberly Stewart, who was on the train, tweeted that people on the train said they could hear and feel the train run the man over, and that passengers stuck on the train were given boxed water by train staff while first responders were investigating.

Ashley Laderer, another witness, said that her and her brother were on a westbound train to Penn Station that passed by the scene. When she looked out the window, she told Gothamist she saw police officers, and then "blood and guts on the track. As the train kept going, every few yards we would see more gore. Huge pieces of flesh and who knows what else." She also said that a conductor approached her and her brother and asked them not to post any pictures if they had taken any because "that was one of our co-workers."

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