A person was fatally struck by a train at West 23rd Street in Manhattan this afternoon. The incident happened just after noon; police say that the victim was hit by a southbound E train at the 23rd Street and 8th Avenue station. Nothing has been confirmed, but police noted that it is "looking like a suicide."

Richard Grayson told us he and a friend were walking to the station "when we saw the tragic aftermath of what looked like a horrific subway accident. Some people in the crowd said a person was hit by a train, and we saw firefighters and paramedics bring up someone on a stretcher, transfer the person to a wheeled cart, where some began the movements of CPR and hustled the person into an ambulance."

He added: "There were dozens of fire trucks and other vehicles, a couple of ambulances, and several police cars, along with many, many first responders. They all looked grim. What a horror, whatever happened. We haven't been able to see anything anything about it on the news."