2005_08_meteorshower.jpgA perfect reason to head out for a late drink, movie, or snack: Tonight is the best night to see the Perseid meteor shower. NY1 says you should look up in the northeasterly direction between midnight (or moonset which is at around 11:20PM, as city rag says) and dawn tonight and tomorrow. NASA says you'll be able to see Mars as well (though you'd do better further out from "big city lights," so to those living further out in Queens and Brooklyn, lucky):

Earth and Mars are converging for a close encounter on October 30th. Consider August 12th a preview. Mars already outshines every star in the night sky, and it's getting brighter every night. If you like August, you'll love October.

And you will like August. Picture this: It's four in the morning. The sky is dark. The breeze is pleasant. Mars is beaming down from the east while meteors flit across the sky.

Picture it, kids!

Wikipedia on the Perseids.