[UPDATE BELOW] Central Park is filled with street performers and artists, but one has an entire Oscar-winning short documentary about him. Thoth, who performs at Bethesda Terrace, was arrested with another artist yesterday for what he calls "prayforming." He wrote:

"Today, I had my feelings hurt, because as much love and goodness as I have given to the park (the many uncounted times I have cleaned up dog poop in the tunnel while cleaning men passed by), they still do not respect the gift of my being there. How could they sanction the arrest of me and Pink Angel? We still have the handcuff burns on our wrists. Who are the real BUMS?

I did not comply with the cease and desist order form a police officer. However, since I was doing my opening prayer, there is nothing short of an A.O.G that will stop me from praying, including the police. In my devotion, I am uncontrollable and ruthless.

The Central Park Conservancy is trying to stop us from prayforming. We have religious freedom, as well as the right to free speech."

The arrest was caught on tape, and you can see the public was on the side of the artists (see video after the jump). We contacted the Central Park Conservancy for a comment but have not heard back; we're guessing Thoth didn't have a permit, and the Parks Department had nothing better to do.

UPDATE: Thoth tells us "the Conservancy wants to get rid of musicians around the Bethesda Fountain. They were stopping musicians all weekend. Permits are not given. I guess a permit is for making them money right? The charges were: Disorderly conduct, Not complying with an officer, and Misuse of a restricted area. Our court date is August 27th."