2006_6_ubet1.jpgIt's hot. It's sticky. You need a cool, refreshing drink, and a non-alcoholic one because it's the middle of your work day. Gothamist suggests a chocolate egg cream, as its fizz will perk you up and its sweetness (but not too sweet) will satisfy your sweet tooth. Many swear by Brooklyn's Fox's U-Bet syrup, and the Fox's recipe says to spoon in the U-Bet syrup before adding the milk. But this might be blashphemous, as Chowhound's Jim recommends that you put the U-Bet in after the milk (almost freezing) and seltzer (siphon bottles only!) in order to avoid getting "sticky brown head instead of a fluffy white one."

A recommended place for egg creams is Eisenberg's. And is Fox's U-Bet Syrup still sold at Junior's? We 're pretty sure it's sold in the Kosher section of Fairway (check out other kosher groceries), but you can also order it over Amazon. Two years ago, someone wrote an ode to an egg cream in the Times' Metropolitan Diary. And NYC Visit explains why it's called an egg cream.

And New York magazine lists the best iced coffee in the city - we second the Vietnamese iced coffee (number 4).