Satellite image that screams "avoid northeastern Texas today" from the National Weather Service

There are discrepancies in the details of today's forecast but the Weather Channel, Weather Service and AccuWeather all agree that today will be a beautiful spring day. The Weather Channel says today's high will be 70, while the latter two forecasters are calling for 76 and 77, respectively. Gothamist leans toward the higher temperatures, except near the shore.

There's a slight chance of showers tomorrow morning when a weak cold front is expected to pass through the city. Clouds will probably stick around all day but it will be warm with a high in the lower 70s. Friday is shaping up to be rainy and cooler. For what seems like the umpteenth consecutive Friday, the cold front is expected to stall just to the south of the city with a low pressure system to the west surfing its way eastward along that front.

Surfing is more literally than metaphorically true in this type of situation. A stalled cold front is a barrier separating cool dense air from warm, less dense air. This low isn't strong enough to plow through that barrier so it takes the path of least resistance, which is riding along the front. Clouds and the cooler air mass will keep Friday's high to 60 at best. Rain and cooler temperatures may linger through the upcoming weekend.