A JetBlue flight from Jamaica to NYC devolved into violence after a plane arrived at JFK this morning. Two female passengers on Flight 960 from Kingston, Jamaica were arrested shortly before 9 a.m. during a fight that involved an eyebrow trimmer blade and pepper spray. According to the Post, the pepper spray sent passengers "scurrying" through the cabin.

Fox 5 reports that "a female passenger apparently got out of her seat before the plane got to the gate. She allegedly attacked another passenger and slashed them with some sort of eyebrow trimming device." Four other people were reportedly hurt in the incident.

Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo told the Post a Brooklyn woman in her 60s attacked a New Jersey woman with the eyebrow trimmer blade. Preliminary reports suggest that her victim retaliated with the pepper spray. Multiple passengers were treated at JFK's Jet Blue terminal for breathing problems.

Both unnamed women were charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon. It's currently unclear what sparked the fight or how the pepper spray got on board the plane.