Despite making 682 busts on Canal Street this year, the NYPD has still not been able to curb the popularity of counterfeit goods vendors in downtown Manhattan. Business is booming at stalls in Chinatown, where vendors sell fake designer purses and sunglasses at a fraction of the real cost. One vendor told the Post, "The businesses hate us, and the government doesn't get their taxes." But they also say their goods are just as good as the originals. One vendor said of an $80 "Dolce & Gabbana" purse, "The other bags are made in Italy. These are made in Korea. That is the only difference—everything else is the same." Well, not exactly.

A pair of "Gucci" sunglasses ended up breaking the day after the Post got their hands on them, and many fake purses tend to be made with cheap materials and have sloppy stitching. For anyone in the market, here's a handy guide on how to spot a fake Coach bag, which is the most popular brand for many Canal Street vendors.

Police say they're still on the lookout for violators, and know many sellers by sight. However, they'll only swoop in if they "observe a violation," leaving many deals to take place in back rooms where police can't see. Even if they do get caught, at least all the stuff could go to a good cause.