The Yankees are almost a quarter of their way through the season and their manager is excited that the man who was supposed to be the biggest bat while A-Rod was on the shelf is now hitting two points over .200. Apparently seeing it as a sign that Mark Teixeira is about to turn things around, Girardi called the first baseman's two-for-four performance the most promising development in the team's 8-2 win over the Blue Jays last night. Only two other regular starters in the AL are hitting lower that Teixeira and the closest recent Yankee slugger with nearly as bad of a start was Tino Martinez hitting .254 at same point one season. GM Brian Cashman is spinning the bad start as the 180 Million Dollar Man dealing with the "pressure" of his big contract and new environment. But Teixeira is taking the high road for his performance, saying, "You can always try to find excuses...Yeah, more people are watching, no doubt. More people are writing about it, no doubt. But those are things I can't control...There are no excuses. If you start making excuses for yourself, you've got something wrong with you."