2006_12_110LIVING.jpgBack in 2003, when Mayor Bloomberg sold the Board of Education's old headquarters at 110 Livingston Street in Brooklyn, people were fixated on the horrors of bureaucracy. Nicknamed "The Kremlin," 110 Livingston represented everything that was wrong with the city, and one person even told the NY Times, "If there is an opposite of nostalgia, you'd have to apply it to 110 Livingston Street."

Well, what a difference a few years and high-end finishes make. The building was sold to Two Trees Management, who have turned the McKim, Mead and White building into a slick condominium development called 110 Livingston. We suppose if it were named "The Kremlin," buyers would have expected onion domes. The Daily News reports that even former Board of Ed employees are buying places there. A man who used to visit when his mom was head of the music department bought an apartment and a couple who met while working at the Board of Ed is taking a two-bedroom. Joan Rosenberg, half of the couple, says, "We have fond memories of the building. We developed wonderful programs for kids who would not have been able to stay in school."

And the article also says that the BellTel Lofts on Willoughby and Bridge Streets are looking for a food retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or D'Agostino to anchor ground-floor space.