It seems that Carl Paladino isn't the only person who finds naughty thoughts of our next Governor in the shower a bit, err, sexy: People Magazine included Andrew Cuomo in their "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, giving him a spot on the over-50's list. Executive editor Liz Sporkin told the Times that the decision wasn't based solely on his masculine chin or brooding shoulders: “His many years of public service make him sexy.”

Nevertheless, Cuomo is taking the praise in stride, treating it sort of like how he treated his Gubernatorial victory:inevitable. “A lot of it’s just natural. It’s genetic sculpting.” In another interview, he demurely said he "was slightly surprised initially.” Chris Cuomo, a reporter with ABC, sounded none-too-jealous of his brother: “I am happy for my brother, the governor-elect, and his so-called sexiness. It must be comforting for him to receive kudos from someone other than our mother, who favors him.” We don't get it: doesn't he look like a weird cross between Dracula, Sonny Corleone and Skeletor? Well, we guess his prowess IS legendary.