Earlier this year we scoffed at the third of New Yorkers under 30 who dream of getting out of the state in the next year—but maybe we shouldn't have? According to a new analysis of census data from the Empire Center for New York State Policy, for the past two decades New York's net population loss due to domestic migration (i.e. people moving elsewhere in the country) was the highest in the United States. Luckily for us, however, lots of babies, fewer deaths and an ongoing immigration boom helped keep the numbers steady.

According to the study, below, in the last decade New York gained 895,150 immigrants from abroad. But at the same time 1.5 million people were fleeing the Empire State for greener states (or at least their lower taxes?). Overall the net population decline statewide due to migration since 2000 was 675,000. As for New York City, well, we had more foreign immigrants arrive to live here than any other part of the state (690,000) but we also had the highest loss of population to domestic migration (1.1 million people).

So, the lesson for all you crazy kids itching to get the heck out of town? Go for it. You won't be the first to leave and you won't be the last. And, to paraphrase the Sondheim song, there are another hundred people on the train behind you.