Last week, the U.S. Marshals Service put Ponzi king Bernard Madoff's beachfront Montauk property up for sale at a cool $8.75 million. And apparently, seeing the four-bedroom, three bath home has been the thing to do this weekend—at least that's what the NY Times Styles section says. There was a Russian-accented man overheard saying, "Put us in for $7 million," only for his wife to say, "I don’t know what he’s doing. We live in a house twice this size with a nice view. We’re going to come here with kids, two dogs, everything else?" (The broker told the Times the man, an old client, was just joking.) Among the onlookers were Beastie Boy Ad Rock's sister who mentioned that Ruth Madoff's shoes were for sale and soap opera actor Vincent Irrizary who thought, "I’d like to buy [Madoff's] shoes, glue them to a canvas, say something artistically about the man who walked in those shoes." A commercial real estate broker opined, "They're not going to get 7, not in this environment. If they get 5.5, they should take the money and run." The broker's commission is being donated back to the fund for Madoff's victims.