President Obama isn't the only politician whose approval ratings are in free fall: Mayor Bloomberg's job approval rating is now the lowest it has been in six years. Who would have thought that third terms are the equivalent of third sequels in movie franchises!

According to CBS, most people point to Hizzoner's arrogance as a major reason why he is turning off so many New Yorkers: “I do think he’s starting to suffer from that thing that happens to [people] who have been in power for a long time, which is he starts to think he’s infallible and he can’t make a mistake and so he does make mistakes,” said UWS resident Dan Oreskes.

“He’s the non-populist mayor who told people not to smoke, not to take salt and to exercise at the same time; having Cathie Black; the blizzard and the garbage dump in his third term, so you put that together and what do you come up with? Bloomberg fatigue,” said political consultant Hank Sheinkopf.

Bloomberg has been trying everything he can to get people to love him again. But scheduling (and rescheduling) Black Eyed Peas concerts isn't working. Spending $5.6 million in March and April on a series of TV ads, polling and mailings designed to bolster his image didn't work. Even explaining the mysteries behind magnets doesn't seem to have helped him! So what can a lonely, filthy rich billionaire with a slight Napoleon-complex do to turn the tide?