It's Day 2 of iPhone 4's availability and folks are still clamoring for it. Maybe they were scared off by yesterday's lines. Maybe they thought today would be better. But Hollywood Elsewhere's Jeffrey Wells wrote this morning:

I've been waiting in line to buy the iPhone 4.0 since 6:55 am this morning. Currently at 14th and Washington, or about 200 yards from the Apple store at 14th and Ninth Avenue. 200-plus people ahead of me. It's 9:23 am right now and the line is nudging along. I'll have the phone and be heading home by 12 or 12:30...maybe. Free Smart water bottles being passed out. The advance-reservation phone line is two to three times longer than the impulsive walk-in line, and the latter line is nudging along also. Is that fair? Doesn't seem to be. I talked to a guy who got in line at 4 am. What is our life? I don't know but this my life right at this instant -- a T-shirt-wearing sidewalk monkey tapping out Twitter posts and now a column item. Thank God and nature for the breezes coming off the Hudson.

He also took this video of the line:

The UWS store's line was reportedly moving quickly this morning. And this guy who bought his iPhone 4 at Best Buy is probably feeling dumb now.