OMG. Now, Gothamist knows that people are totally insane and make stupid decisions, but this story takes the cherry: The Post reveals that a tip about a bomb threat at LaGuardia last year was because a teenager wanted to make her flight to Atlanta - because she was worried her boyfriend there would fly to Minnesota to confront one of her ex-boyfriends. You cannot make this stuff up. Anna Tarasov made the threat while she was en route to Laguardia, and the feds traced the call to her cellphone. And what's more, even though her flight had its passengers deplaned, checked for bombed, and reboarded, she still missed the flight! The only barely redeeming thing Gothamist can find in this story is that the subway "made her late" - which makes us wonder about better transportation options to our area airports. Actually, taking the train to Newark isn't too bad (once you get to Penn Station or a PATH station), but is Airtrain really working for us? And what about options to Laguardia, besides the train to the bus?

On the upside, the federal government looks like it will give billions of dollars to the city's plans to extend the LIRR to Grand Central and the Second Avenue Subway.