In some strange future world we will all live in penthouses. At least if the realtors get their way. While we always thought of a penthouse as being an apartment on the very top of a building, the Times reports that increasingly developers are stacking penthouses on top of penthouses on top of penthouses. Seriously.

The trick is in how the New York City building code defines the term: “an enclosed structure on or above the roof of any part of a building, which is designed or used for human occupancy.” That means that all you have to do to have multiple penthouses is to keep setting the penthouses back from the floor below them. Which is how you get buildings like The Vere, which the Times focuses on. That Long Island City building has eight penthouses on three floors.

The most absurdly titled "penthouse" we've seen was a teeny-tiny seventh-floor walk-up in Little Italy. While it had some outdoor space, and nice views, that was about all it had. What's the most mis-labeled penthouse you've seen?