The LI man who accumulated a $46,000 tab at the Penthouse Executive Club has a pretty colorful history of bad debts. James Clooney, 52, was held hostage for four days in November 1994 after he tricked investor and money launderer Richard Spence out of $237,000.

An account of the ensuing court case involving Clooney's company, Biltmore Mortgage Company, and the kidnapping, can be found here. In the end, the debt was paid off by Clooney's uncle and girlfriend. And according to the Post, Clooney was allegedly given "steaks and prostitutes" by his kidnappers! Sounds like he had almost as good a time as Kristy Swanson!

Considering his recent legal troubles with the Penthouse club, we imagine that Clooney definitely didn't learn his lesson the first time. Perhaps the steaks and prostitutes undercut the message the kidnappers were trying to send him?