Police in two states are trying to piece together the last 12 hours of slain Brooklyn cafe owner Josh Rubin's life, with Pennsylvania authorities working under the assumption that Rubin was killed elsewhere and dumped in an apple orchard outside of Allentown, while theories about Rubin's alleged money problems and drug ties continue to circulate.

“The speculation is that the homicide occurred somewhere else and the body was dumped here,” said David Gross, a spokesman for the South Whitehall Police Department. The NYPD wouldn't officially speculate, saying only, “His body was found in Pennsylvania, that’s where the investigation is right now." But an off-record NYPD source told the Brooklyn Paper, “It looks like [the killer] was definitely somebody that knew [Rubin]. He was trying to get money and may have been involved with [the wrong crowd] to make a couple of bucks.”

Rubin's financial situation at the time of his October 31 disappearance remains unclear—The Post reported that he was "at least $14,000 in debt," and was trying to sell large amounts of pot to his friends to get some cash, while the Times put the number closer to $20,000 (and makes no mention of marijuana). But Lehigh County DA James Martin said that while Rubin was in debt, it wasn't to the tune of $20,000: “That’s a mistake,” he said. “He owed some rent to his landlord, I believe for the cafe [but] I don’t know exactly what that amount was.”

The Brooklyn Paper spoke to a resident of the co-op above Rubin's cafe Whisk, who said she "saw him [the evening he disappeared] looking very upset. He couldn't even talk to me." A small vigil has been erected outside of the shuttered cafe, and Rubin's funeral took place yesterday in his homestate, Rhode Island.