"I hate this. It's hot and crowded. They've barricaded some of the entrances, you can't get in or out, we're stuck and have nowhere to go," declared Long Island resident Anastasia Whitty from the mass transit abattoir known as Pennsylvania Station, where all LIRR service was temporarily suspended just in time for last night's rush hour commute. The cause of what was variously described as "another hell" and a "satanic tomb" was a truck driver hitting a railroad overpass in Queens.

The MTA says the truck driver struck an overpass at 58th Street and 39th Avenue in Woodside shortly after 6 p.m., bringing a sudden halt to eastbound service on the LIRR out of Penn Station. (The driver was uninjured.) Westbound service between Jamaica and Penn Station also ground to a halt, and four trains leaving Penn Station were stuck in tunnels for about 45 minutes as Long Island-bound passengers quietly reflected on their karma and the sublime attitude of equanimity.

Thousands of commuters were stuck at Penn Station (and police stopped many more from entering the station) while engineers evaluated the bridge, ultimately determining that it was structurally sound enough to allow service to resume approximately an hour later, with residual delays. Last night's shitshow was by now all-too-familiar to Long Island commuters, who just last week endured severe LIRR delays due to signal problems.

At least once they build that roller coaster on top of Penn Station we'll have something fun to do together during delays like this!