It's 5:30 p.m. on Monday, do you know where your train home is? If you're currently on your way to or already stuck at Penn Station, then the answer is probably no, you don't know where it is. Thanks to a disabled train in one of the Hudson River Tunnels, all NJ Transit trains in and out of Penn Station are subject to 30 minute delays in both directions right now, according to NJ Transit.

"When Penn Station announces single tracking during the Manhattan rush-hour commute. Team bridge and tunnel is here for blood. Get us back to NJ!!" wrote Maggie Rogers, who took the photo up above.

At this point, if you had a friend you wanted to catch up with in the city, or a restaurant you've always wanted to try, or if you're even just aware of an empty bar stool nearby, you might be better off heading there and killing an hour or so until this is all cleaned up and some people are cleared out. Check out some photos of the scene, and cries of mercy, below.

Hey, at least it's not Thanksgiving, right?