Everyone complains about Penn Station: From its looks (RIP, old Penn Station) to its "stuffy, urine-scented atmosphere." Making things worse: The air-conditioning is broken, making many commuters' trek to and from work more harrowing than usual!

The problem started yesterday, and it was so oppressive for NJ Transit travelers that the transit agency allowed them to use PATH service. A spokesman told the Star-Ledger, "Temperatures have eclipsed 90 degrees in New York Penn, and certain portions are even warmer... This is a precautionary, yet proactive, measure to safeguard the interests of our customers."

The A.C. is still out—Amtrak is supposedly fixing it, so NJ Transit is continuing to allow riders to use PATH—but as one customer put it, "It's two billion degrees. Why do that when I have a Plan B?" If only they could somehow funnel some of the cool, sweet chain-store air from Soho.