Gothamist headed to Central Park to see the Easter activities, and we decided to hang out where there was the longest line of children dragging their tired parents: The Peeps Fun Bus. The most benevolent marshmallow candy (this side of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man) visited NYC today and will also be there tomorrow, according to the website. People go through the Peeps Fun Bus (to visit Peepsville) and then come out for some Peeps crafts.


There was coloring in pictures of Peeps.


As well as decorating peeps.


Gothamist asked a child (and her mom) if we could take a picture of her Peeps. We also asked how long they waited on line. The mother, perhaps unwilling to admit standing on line for a ridiculous amount of time, assured us, "The line moves fast."


It takes a lot of Peeps to keep the people happy.


A dog guarded the Peeps crafts supplies: Peeps and pipe cleaners. Yes, you too can have some Peeps fun (think about your next birthday party!) with some tongue depressers, markers, pipe cleaners, and Peeps.


There was also a hot Peeps VW. Gothamist wonders who gets to drive it - the Peeps President?


And if Gothamist ever has a bus - or wallpaper in our apartment - we want this to cover the sides.

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