The transformation of Times Square is, according to some at least, done. Disney is in and sex is out. But how do you move forward without forgetting about the past? If you are the Times Square Visitor Center you turn yourself into a peepshow, naturally.

Let us explain. Back in 2002 Peep-o-rama, which was the last peep show on the deuce, closed to make way for the Bank of America tower. But its landlords, the Durst Organization, kept the sign and donated it to the Times Square Alliance and they in turn had it refurbished (here's a fun Q&A about the process of bringing the sign back to life). And now it is back, just a touch uptown. The sign now hangs outside of the Visitors Center at 1560 Broadway, between West 46th and 47th Streets, and boasts three genuine peep show booths beneath it. Be prepared though, the shows aren't quite the same. Curious visitors who take a peek will now be peeping at screens displaying videos and stories about the famous area and its history. No live nude girls here.

Other things for your cousins to see when they finally leave your apartment include a New Year's Eve ball from 2007, a wall of confetti strips for visitors to write on (they'll be dropped this year on New Year's Eve), models of buildings in the area and more.