Following the pedicab crash off the Williamsburg Bridge earlier this year, the city decided to try to get those pedicab laws in order. With less than a month left to pass an inspection to obtain a license, there are reportedly only 25 of around 1,000 pedicab operators who have done so as of earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the NY Post reports on 13 rickshaws that went rogue in Central Park yesterday only to be picked up by the NYPD and Parks Department, who seized the vehicles. The paper notes that 14 summonses were also dealt out to other operators of the 3-wheeled mechanism. The operators were allegedly breaking the rules of the park, which are mostly in place to protect pedestrians, and state that "rickshaws cannot obstruct entrances or endanger pedestrians by operating on pedestrian paths and must follow the same traffic regulations as bicycles."

Are human pedaled pedicabs really more dangerous than carriage horses?