A reader sent us this photo last night of an incident Broadway and 100th Street. He tells us:

A Black SUV with sirens on was driving at high speeds uptown against a red light. Apparently swerving to avoid a car crossing against him (a small sports car which suffered a fender scrape, and which left the scene before police arrived), the driver of the SUV crashed into two parked cars on the east side of Broadway. A pedestrian was hit and thrown halfway across the sidewalk, bleeding out. He was taken away by ambulances. There was a small smash (presumably the fender scrape), followed by a very loud bang as the black SUV hit the other two cars...You can see the blood on the sidewalk.

An NYPD spokesman told us the offending SUV belonged to Hatzolah— a volunteer EMS service that responds mainly to Jewish communities—and was responding to a call in the area. There was no criminality and apparently no serious injuries, despite the "blood on the sidewalk."