An unidentified pedestrian is in critical condition after a collision in St. Albans caused a parked car to slam into him, according to authorities.

According to the NYPD, at around 6:57 p.m. a driver pulled his vehicle out of a parking lot on the northeast corner of Farmer's Boulevard near Linden Boulevard and entered the northbound lane on Famer's Boulevard. There, cops say he struck a second vehicle that was parked at the corner, forcing it onto the sidewalk. It struck the pedestrian and knocked him to the pavement; he sustained head and body trauma, and was transported to Jamaica Hospital in critical, yet stable condition. He is expected to survive.

Ashton Patterson, 17, told the Daily News that the parked vehicle that struck the pedestrian was a Buick LaCrosse that he had borrowed from his mother. "I saw the blood there, he was lying like he was unconscious," he told the tabloid, noting he'd rushed out of a nearby restaurant when he heard the collision. "All I saw was the car on top, and my mind was like ... in shock to be honest."

The Daily News reports that the driver who struck the parked car stayed at the scene and told cops that his brakes failed. The NYPD is still investigating the collision.