The 37-year-old woman who was fatally struck by the driver of a Coca-Cola truck in the Bronx yesterday afternoon was reportedly a mother of five teenage boys. She was talking to her husband on her cell phone at a B33 bus stop on East 138th Street when the truck driver jumped the curb and struck her. As of this morning, the driver has not been charged.

According to the NYPD, officers responded to a call of a pedestrian struck at East 138th Street and Bruckner Boulevard around 3:20 yesterday afternoon. Upon arrival, they discovered the female victim unconscious and unresponsive on the sidewalk, underneath the truck. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to a preliminary investigation, the truck collided with another vehicle just before the fatal crash. NYPD officials say that a 52-year-old woman was driving her Nissan SUV eastbound on Bruckner Boulevard, when she attempted to turn right onto East 138th Street, and collided with the Coca-Cola truck. The 35-year-old truck driver then "lost control" and drove onto the sidewalk on the southeast corner of 138th Street, hitting the scaffolding at 759 East 138th Street and continuing on to the B33 bus stop, where he struck three pedestrians.

One witness told NBC that a motorcycle rider attempting to merge onto the Bruckner Expressway was also involved in the crash. "The car tried to avoid the motorcycle, and... hit the truck," the witness said.

Two of the pedestrians were taken to Lincoln Hospital in stable condition, while the drivers and passengers in both vehicles were taken to Jacobi Hospital with minor injuries. In all, six people were injured in the crash. No arrests have been made.

CBS has identified the female victim as Cheniqua Silva, a mother of five teenage sons ranging in age from 14 to 19. According to the news outlet, Silva was on the phone with her husband, Orlando Silva, when she was fatally struck. ABC reports that she had just finished a shift at Dufour Pastry Kitchen, a nearby bakery.

"She was talking to me on the phone today, as I was speaking to her on the phone, she said Oh! and that's the last thing I heard from her. I thought somebody snatched her phone away but no," Silva told ABC.

One witness told NBC that Silva "didn't have time to run. All you see was the truck zooming, it hit her, it hit her hard and she rolled."