A 50-year-old man who was on a Flatbush sidewalk was killed when a car barreled into him yesterday evening. The police are investigating the incident, but it seems the driver may not be charged.

According to the NYPD, at around 5:27 p.m., officers responded to a 911 call and "discovered a black Nissan Sentra on the sidewalk, overturned, and a pedestrian unconscious and unresponsive" in front of 994 Flatbush Avenue. Police say that a 58-year-old was driving the Sentra south on Flatbush "when it mounted the sidewalk and struck the pedestrian, a 50-year-old male." The pedestrian was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital.

WABC 7 aired some surveillance video, "You see a 50-year-old man innocently talking on his phone. Seconds later, the car, airborne, crashes into him and lands upside down on the sidewalk. Just a few feet behind him, a woman survives and scrambles into the store. Seconds later, Good Samaritans came racing to help."

The woman, who was hit by debris, was taken to the hospital.The driver and his three-year-old passenger were taken to Kings County Hospital as well.

This is the 12th pedestrian killed by a driver since Halloween.