It's every pedestrian's nightmare: a Brooklyn woman says she was thrown into traffic and severely injured when a Walk/Don't Walk sign came dislodged from its post and fell on her. First pedestrians have to deal with a bipolar signal man, and now we have to worry about him coming crashing down? It's no way to walk, man.

"[The box] just came down and hit me," said Rebecca Gomez, who was standing at Hillel Place and Flatbush Avenue when the freak accident occurred. "Every day I have pain. I wake up with pain. Even when I just walk around I have to take breaks.” She was eventually forced to move back to her hometown in California and now must decide whether she will undergo potentially risky back surgery as a result of her injuries. Naturally, Gomez is taking the Department of Transportation to court, claiming that the city was negligent by not having a regular inspection program for the signals.

"The city said that there’s no procedure for inspection; I believe it creates an accident waiting to happen,” said Gomez's lawyer. “Theses boxes are suspended in mid-air—literally over everybody’s heads—and no one bothers to make sure they’re fastened properly.” We have contacted the DOT for comment and will update with any information we receive.