2006_10_qboul.jpgLast night, a man was crossing Queens Boulevard at 67th Avenue when a silver SUV hit him without stopping. The 59 year old man had been returning home from Yom Kippur services, and Queens DA Richard Brown said, "I'm troubled. I went to temple myself today. It's the most important day of the Jewish calendar, and apparently he was on his way home from temple after observing the holiday, and to have this happen to him is just a terrible tragedy." Police are looking for a silver Nissan SUV with either broken windows or windshield as the victim remains in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital.

Queens Boulevard is known as the "Boulevard of Death", with 72 deaths betwee 1993 and 2000, and 11 deaths since 2001. The city has tried to reduce jaywalking by putting fencing along the road and increasing pedestrian crossing time as part of its safety initatives. Here's Transporation Alternatives on Queens Boulevard.

And there have been two other incidents where pedestrians have been hit by cars:
- An 8 year old was hit by a car in Brooklyn on Sunday. Meir Merry was headed to his yeshiva when a BMW hit him on McDonald Avenue; the Post reports the driver's "view was blocked by an elevated support column for the F train." Merry is in critical condition.
- Fifty six year old Yao Huang of Manhattan was killed when an SUV hit him on the Upper East Side. A doorman told the Daily News, "I saw something flying through the air, and I didn't know what it was. Then I thought, 'My God, that's a dude!" The SUV's driver stayed at the scene.