Photograph by David Torres

The young woman who was killed while crossing York Avenue late Thursday night had been in New York City for job interviews. Kelly Gordon, 22, was a senior at Boston College and had interviewed with Goldman Sachs earlier in the day. Her family said the interview seemed to be a success; her aunt told the Post, "She was so pumped to get that dream job. She was a go-getter — with grace."

2014_03_kellygordon1.jpgGordon was apparently outside of the crosswalk when she was crossing York near 84th Street. The southbound cab allegedly tried to swerve out of the way, but she was struck and bounced off the hood. Then the northbound cab ran her over.

Neither driver was charged, because they had the right of way. The Daily News reported, "Locals noted hilly York Ave. crests at E. 84 St. and then declines towards E. 85 St., making it difficult for pedestrians to see oncoming traffic and for drivers to see pedestrians below the sudden drop."

According to the Post, "Gordon and her stepsister Ali Axt went to the Clinton Hall beer garden in the Financial District with two friends they had worked with at the Manhattan Yacht Club in Battery Park City. They later went to a pal’s apartment." Axt posted a photograph of herself with Gordon on Facebook, "Words cannot express how much I will miss you and the sadness I feel losing you. So blessed that you came into my life as a sister and a best friend. Love you forever and always."

Gordon's family also told the Post that "Goldman Sachs officials forwarded a letter she had sent them Tuesday, hoping it would bring them comfort."

The NYPD has been cracking down on jaywalking as Mayor de Blasio ramps up his Vision Zero initiative to decrease pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities and injuries.