Photograph of a crowd at Madison and Jackson Streets, as the police investigate the incident, from reader parker c

2008_07_madpedf3.jpgAn M22 bus traveling on Madison Street apparently fatally struck a pedestrian. The woman, identified as Lourdes Fernandez, had gone to the grocery and may have lost her balance near Jackson Street. The bus driver apparently didn't even realize he/she hit someone while making the left turn onto Jackson.

Witnesses told the police that the "bus kept going"--some saw the bus stop to pick up passenger down the street. WNBC reports "Officials caught up to the M22 bus and its driver within two hours of incident on the West Side" (the M22 essentially travels between from the Lower East Side, through Chinatown and the City Hall-area to Tribeca). The driver, who reportedly has a clean driving record, was not charged.

The Daily News reports that Fernandez had recently suffered burns and lost part of her arm when her stove exploded.