A pedestrian who was sued by a cyclist that struck her in Central Park this summer has countersued. According to the lawsuit obtained by the Post, 28-year-old Meghan Rohan alleges that 46-year-old Sabine Von Sengbusch had "total disregard" when she hit Rohan and shattered her elbow.

In her lawsuit, Von Sengbusch claimed that Rohan walked into the bike lane at 69th Street & East Drive and caused her "painful and permanent" injuries that prevented her from working as a health care administrator. However, Von Sengbusch did finish second in a triathlon in October, so presumably her injuries didn't prevent her from competing. Rohan's suit alleges that Von Sengbusch was "inattentive and unalert" when she hit her.

Hopefully it won't take more of these lawsuits for people to wise up and bike/run defensively. Exercise ceases to be cheap and healthy once lawyers get involved.