Because of the multimillion dollar renovation slated for Washington Square Park, NYU has to move their all-university graduation exercises next year to Shea Stadium. Oh, yes, the home of Amazin' Mets, all the way out in Flushing. The Washington Square News reports that the administration also considered Central Park’s East Meadow, Pier 40 and NYU’s Skirball Center for Performing Arts, as well as just cancelling all-university graduation, but then settled on Shea. Well, at least there will be a lot of parking - and maybe even beer! Shea will allow graduates to invite many more people, even though there may be some problems with getting the med school kids there in time. Gothamist wonders if NYU nixed Central Park's East Meadow, in case the Parks department shot down that idea; we bet the Parks department deciding to start Washington Square Park renovation some time before graduation is an F-U to NYU.

The best quote from the Washington Square News article: “I guess I’d be in favor of it,” Tisch senior Pamela Goldstein said. “But it would have been better if it was Yankee Stadium because that’s more of a New York City landmark than Shea Stadium.” Oh, snap! But part of Yankee stadium would probably fall on their heads. Plus, parking there is terrible. And Shea is covenient to the airports - we expect Queens Borough President Helen Marshall will try to work on getting the 7 Train wrapped with an NYU logo. We think this has the potential to be awesome: Just think, Mr. Met could wear a cap and gown!