2007_10_subcalc.JPGThe MTA is considering a few possibilities for upcoming bus and subway fare hikes in 2008 and 2010. The two ideas on the table at present are a traditional rate hike and a rate hike with an off-peak option - riders would get a discount if they use NYC mass transit during off-peak hours.

From what the information the MTA has released so far, both options have their pros and cons. The Post tackles that issue and offers a bus and subway fare calculator to show what you get, depending on the kind of Metrocard you buy (Metrocard 5 rides + 1 free, unlimited monthly, unlimited 2-week, single ride)- and the time you may ride (peak hours are weekdays 7AM-10AM, 3PM-7PM). Whether riders support a fare hike with off-peak discounts or not really depends on the kind of rider they are. For instance, if you rely on the 30-day unlimited, you won't like a hike with off-peak discounts, because unlimited card prices are more increased more than in the traditional fare hike plan.

The Post also reports that the MTA is releasing more details about the increases as well as when the two public hearings about the proposals will be held.