2008_11_p8pro.jpgTonight, thousands of people are expected to gather outside the Manhattan Mormon Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints on Columbus Avenue at West 65th Street (starting at 6:30 p.m.), in protest of California's passage of Proposition 8. Andy Towle writes on Towleroad that once "the location reaches capacity" those gathered will slowly march down Broadway toward Columbus Circle." He adds there will be volunteers to "help marshall and guide protestors (watch for them in blue armbands - they're there to help)" and "You are encouraged to bring signs and candles and protest peacefully." And protest co-organizer Michaelangelo Signorile has some tips for tonight, adding, "Let's not be anti-religious bigots and, as you've heard me many times talk about on the show, let's not engage in this divisive race-blaming game. And it should also go without saying -- but sadly, must be said again and again --- no ugly racist rhetoric."