After rapper-actor Ice T was arrested on Tuesday—allegedly for driving with a suspended license, after being caught driving without a seat belt—he furiously Tweeted that the "punk bitch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bullshit career today" and insisted "My license in not suspended. I don't and never had a NYC licence. I have a valid NJ licence. It was all bullshit...." He also told the Post, "I think [the cop] got his rocks off bringing me in the station in handcuffs... I stopped breaking the law a long time ago. I ain't trying to get in trouble."

Ice T and wife Coco were heading back to NJ after dropping their bulldog Spartacus at the vet for knee surgery. The Post reports, "The mirror of [Ice T's Cadillac sedan] brushed against a cop at a random checkpoint, authorities said. The officer motioned for the actor to pull over, but he kept on going, officials said. The cop ran up to the car and banged on its tinted window." Sources say the cop was professional and Ice T also didn't have valid insurance, in addition to not being belted in and having a suspended license.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association head Patrick Lynch said yesterday, "He may play a police officer on TV, but his disdain for law enforcement is well documented in his old rap songs and continues with his verbal abuse of a police officer during yesterday’s arrest. Real police officers enforce real laws that exist to keep everyone safe from even a disrespectful former rap performer turned actor, whether he likes it or not." But Ice T's Law & Order: SVU partner Richard Belzer said, "I think they arrested him because they wanted to see Coco, and I don't blame them. He's never committed a crime to my knowledge and never will."

But good news: Spartacus is back with his parents and Coco is comforting him.