Right now, it's easy to focus on the nightmares you might be having about Donald Trump's sons wandering through the U.S. Mint and stuffing all the money into big, black sacks with golden DJTs emblazoned on them. But don't forget about nepotism and failsons right here at home, which you can find almost anywhere. For instance, NYPD officer Kevin Lynch, the son of police union boss (and de Blasio tormentor) Pat Lynch, has been stripped of his gun and badge because he allegedly fled the scene after his friend shot out a car window.

The incident happened on Sunday night, a source tells the Daily News, down the block from the home of one of Kevin Lynch's friends in Whitestone. Lynch's friend Kevin Smilove, also a police officer, was allegedly showing off his new .38 caliber revolver in his mother's car, when the gun went off and fired a bullet through the window. D'oh.

Lynch and the other men in the car allegedly fled the scene, but police who had been called because of reports of a gunshot quickly found the car, ran the plates and located Officer Smilove at his mother's house. Lynch was put on modified duty pending the outcome of an investigation, and Smilove was suspended and could be fired due to his status as a rookie officer.

The NY Post reports that, according to the NYPD’s Patrol Guide, any officer who discharges a firearm within the city limits must immediately inform supervisors and safeguard the scene for an investigation. The Post also notes that Lynch was ratted out by the third man in the car, a civilian who the police found before finding Smilove.