Ever get the paranoid feeling you're getting burned by the guy who delivers your marijuana? With the new website Price of Weed, there's a quick and easy way to compare and contrast the current cost of pot. Someday the website's founders say they're going to track vicissitudes in the marijuana market around the world, but for now they're content to kick back on the couch and deal with North America.

The data is culled from anonymous price submissions, with suspiciously high or low prices eliminated from the calculation. In New York state, the average price of an ounce of weed varies depending on quality: $449.58 for high quality, $327.48 for medium quality, and $185.84 for an ounce of skunky dog shit. $60 seems to be the going rate for an eighth of high quality weed in NYC, but that doesn't include tipping the delivery guy. [Via The Daily Dish]