In March, TLC Chairman David Yassky said a fare hike wasn't on the agenda for this year, but what a difference a few months makes. After a fun hearing earlier this week the Taxi and Limousine Commission today voted to approve the first fare hike in six years. Starting sometime this fall, your average taxi ride is going to be 17 percent more expensive.

So what, exactly, is the damage going to be on your wallet? Well, the base fare for a ride will remain $2.50 but each click of the meter will soon increase from 40 to 50 cents. Meanwhile, the flat rate to JFK to and from Manhattan is going to jump from $45 to $52.

On the plus side of that hike? Six red cents from each trip will now go towards driver health care. Which is good for them, because according to the TLC the average cabbie now makes 24 percent less than they did in 2006, walking away with about $130 after a 12-hour shift (a number many cabbies say is a bit high).

The fare hike will most likely take effect in September. So, uh, get those cheaper cab rides while you still can?