We don't know about you, but the City Council is about to make Gothamist very non-plussed. On Tuesday the Council is expected to override Bloomberg's veto of a bill that would kill metered parking on Sundays (a.k.a. "Pay to Pray", you must remember when we talked about it a few months ago).

This is, in our humble opinion, retarded. Sunday is an important business day for a lot of merchants and the turnover of drivers provided by parking meters is generally good for business. Further, the profits provided by meters (about $14 million) is good for the city. All that we're going to get by going back to free Sunday parking is more cars to deal with on the streets. Apparently the main reason that 46 of the 51 council members are voting in favor of axing the fees is pressure from Church leaders. Our response? We contacted our councilman to complain before the vote on Tuesday. So now you know how we feel about so-called "pay to pray," what do you think or it?