Going to the movies this weekend? Don't forget your bed bug seat cover! Entrepreneur Joseph Harary tells us that after reading reports of bed bugs at the Pavilion movie theater in Park Slope, his wife refused to join him for a night at the movies. On his website, he elaborates, "In the coming months I went to see a Broadway show and this time came in with a plastic sheet to sit on. We got several smiles, a few laughs and many compliments. I realized right away that everyone knew why we sat on them and all seemed to approve. At intermission I held a mini focus group study gathering advice and ideas." And so the BugOff seat cover was born! Here's an instructional video showing how it works:

The BugOff seat cover is available online for just $2.99. It's ideal "for theaters, airplanes, buses, trains and more!" This "comfortable and breathable fabric" is 100% Polypropylene, available in either black or white, and comes with a small, easy to carry bag. Unfortunately, it's not fully compatible with the NYC subway system at this time—Harary tells us, "We’ll have to get very creative for something like that." Time for another focus group!