Sure, you might have heard that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's tax plan would raise taxes for 95% of Americans while giving multimillionaires a $250K tax cut. But who do you trust more, libruls at The Atlantic and, uh, George W. Bush's former top economic advisor? Or the GOP's "budget wizard," the man whose rock-hard abs appropriately resemble an abacus? This morning on FOX News Sunday, Paul Ryan explained to Chris Wallace why he couldn't square Romney's tax proposal with actual numbers. "I don’t have the time," Ryan said, "It would take me too long to go through all of the math." Ryan then added that he needed to step out to pick up some Pop Tarts, but that he'd have a "really good" answer when he got back.

Here's the clip, complete with Ryan's hilarious reference to the Simpson-Bowles commission as an example of bipartisanship at work (which Ryan torpedoed).

But our favorite quote from Ryan in this clip is at the outset, right after Ryan tells Wallace that the Obama campaign is just twisting statistics. "This just goes to show, if you torture statistics enough they'll confess what you want them to confess to." Ah yes: torture statistics and you'll get bogus information, torture human beings and you'll keep the country safe.