All the bad blood between the Jets and Patriots must be making a lot of vampires pretty sick right about now. A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that some particularly raucous (or fiercely loyal, depending on how you view it) Jets fans harassed her family at a game because her 14-year-old daughter held up a sign that read "I Love Tom Brady." Didn't they know they were walking into a bear trap with that one?

Michelle Munoz, 43, of Montgomery, N.Y., says she was attending a Jets-Patriots game at Giants Stadium on Sept. 20, 2009, with her daughter, Danielle, 14, and two other children, both age 11; strangely, her husband Randy was at the game but sitting in a different section. Jets fans cursed the Munoz family, threw beer at the children and demanded they put down the pro-Brady sign. The family complained to guards, who refused to take any action, according to papers filed in U.S. District Court in Newark. In the final minutes of the Jets victory, Munoz held up her daughter’s pro-Brady sign, and says she was punched, kicked and thrown over a row of bleacher seats by Jets fans in the next row. Munoz was not taken to a hospital, but sustained cervical spine injuries. At least one couldn't call them sexist!

Peculiarly, Munoz is suing the New York Giants organization and the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which operated Giants Stadium, not the Jets organization. We can only imagine that she's too happy over the joyous return of Revis, who was back on the practice field yesterday for the first time since training camp began.